Coils of Entropy

by Nephelium

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    Artwork by Juanjo Castellano, logo, inlay, font and crest by Christ Horst
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Coils Of Entropy is the debut full lenght album of Canadian Death Metal Juggernaut NEPHELIUM


released February 7, 2012

All songs written & performed by: Nephelium
• Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Darius Szcepaniak
• Mastered by Steve Benford
• Recorded at Rouge Valley Studios (Toronto)
• CD Cover Design: Juanjo Castellano
• Logo Design: Christopher Horst
• Label: Self Release
• Distribution: Self Release



all rights reserved


Nephelium Toronto, Ontario

NEPHELIUM offers death metal with an array of extreme metal touches, and an undercurrent of classic thrash metal. The band seeks to remain true to the standards of the greatest death metal acts, while putting its own signature dynamic into the mix. The result is a stunning debut of the most punishing kind, Coils of Entropy.
NEPHELIUM is Toronto’s premium Death Metal outfit.
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Track Name: Burial Ground
In a world polluted by corpses
Memories entombed in sand
Funeral garments in the closets
Nitrous is the land

Sculls are grinning by the pyres
Bleached bones exposed
No phoenix will arise from these ashes
Gates to the crypt are closed

Spirits are gathering
Ominous plague

Portals are opening
Festering rot

Burial ground
Silence brought the end

Cellular decomposition
Tears the fabric of the mind
Apathetic predisposition
Sores are festering inside

Electro-magnetic impulses
Leak into the soil
Pouring from a broken nerve
Sacrificial bleeding of the soul
Presence lurking in old cellars
Dead cold, hungry eyes
Just beyond the visible spectrum
Shadows hide the light

Rats are crawling in the sewers
Grotesque imagery
Of the collective subconsciousness
Hidden behind lock and key

Dry and barren is the surface
Of this proto-world that we create

Powered by the human essence
The sanctuary of the damned

(Solo: Dan)

Dry winds are screaming in the night
Alongside empty streets
Rattling broken window-panes
And carrying tumbleweeds

Emptiness devoid of life
Is coiling on the ground
Nothing will disturb the solitude
When funeral bell’s the only sound

Fresh and raw is still the soil
From the funerals to come
Nothing will return to life
From this burial ground

Cast away the putrid souls
In this land of hidden sins
Close your eyes and pray for death
The end is closing in

Turn the key and lock the vault
Pretend they don’t exist
But this place will haunt your dreams
Like a malignant cyst

(Solo: Alex)

Drink up from this cup of poison
Ignore your miserable life
Surrounded by illusions
Sedated by lies

Ophidian awakening
Bloodlust for sacrifice


Ignore this prison of your making
Until the day you die
Although you see the moldy graves
Each time you close your eyes

Burial ground…
Track Name: Merciless Annihilation
The odium thoughts, which mount (inside)
Dismay for annihilation
Surrounded by the fear and improbity

As the carnage begins
Scattering blood and flesh around
Sear the air with a rotting smell
And walking on a bleeding ground

Feel the pain and suffering mutual to all
Caught between the vicious of this world
Rape your consciousness and molest your soul
Close the eyes as the infliction takes place in you
Obscene, so let go

Vexed, killing to arise

(Solo: Alex)

Perceive the vicious grip upon the perished ones
A sign of the end to their times

Darkness falls and blackens the place

Whisper with the breath of utter death
Tonight I will vanquish all
Lethal spells tear you apart
To your end…to your end

Seep into your destiny
The end to cure all
Intruded with your life
The improbity reaches its toll
The number of corpses pile
Emotionally enslaved
Burning the flesh away
With thee grief
To the never-ending fear

And so this world
Shall be exterminated
Bringing the end of all time
Taking all life away
From all the ones
That want to live
Away to hell
Merciless annihilation
Has been brought
To destroy this world
Using its vile ways

(Solo: Alex)

From evil source sheer power
Evil rules this soul supreme

Evil rules this soul supreme…
Track Name: Hellborne
Dead eyes gazing into darkness
Swaying to the icy wind
We stand on the edge of the precipice
Awaiting for our turn

A long line of black specters
Moving in the murky gloom
Reaching for the jaws of the mad giant
Our new dawn will be coming soon

Dead will walk the earth

Observing the funeral procession
Upon his high and darkened throne
The angel of reincarnation
The master of the Nephilim

So soon we’ll join our earthly brothers
In their corporeal brave new world
We are longing for their pleasure
Of tasting their heavenly flesh

Shapes are shifting through the darkness
Of this cold world of ice and sand
Where twisted metal frames and skeletons
Corrupt the rotten noxious ground

With dry lungs full of maggots we try to breathe
Through caked blood
Growling through our raspy, muddy voices
Still smelling of the grave
Eternal state of putrid vapors
Oblivion our predicament
Until infernal phosphorescence awoke us
And sent us heeding to its call

We move towards the edge in silence
Beneath the scorched and blackened sky
Beyond the eerie glow at the horizon
Together we will tear down the wall

A world of flesh, so fresh and meaty
Behold our promised land
We’ll clean our throats and fill our veins with blood
Out of entropy we will arise again

(Solos: Dan – Alex – Dan – Alex)

Like pilgrims on our holy journey
We lurk through waste and festering decay
Propelled by bloody lust toward the living
We’ll rip your limbs and take your soul away

So when you hear us knocking
On your front door late at night
Don’t keep your loved ones waiting
And don’t you turn off the light


Track Name: Malediction
Stench of death is lingering
In this dark and empty world

Fill your lungs with void and breathe the pain

Crimson rivers turning black with the tears of the unfaithful
Festering venom thawing your insides and burning your mind

Spontaneous combustion of the mind – branded with the sign of hell
Feel the stench of burning thoughts – trapped inside this holding cell
A piercing light in this world of the blind – searching for the ancient spell
Bumbling idiots shuffling in the ruins – in rotting misery they dwell

Spirits – of the past – I will return to be alive
Waiting – in the shades – take my hand and lift the shroud
Haunting – empty graveyard vaults – hear the voices of the dead
Follow me – in spectral darkness – descend the stairs into the crypt

In darkened visions of pain…of pain…

Damnation…total cremation…

Horns of damnation are summoning us to the battlefield
Trampling the weak beneath our feet
Fragments of bones and corpses full of maggots rotting there
Filling the air with poison smell

Fetid presence of mental decay is in the air
As funeral pyres are burning bright
Breathe in the poison and corrosion with your rotten lungs
As gods are falling from the skies

Cursed into existence – in this world of shit
Human remains – beneath our feet

Malediction – a self-fulfilling prophecy
Malediction – the rotten fruit of society

Summoned from deep slumber – in this eternal hell
Dreams of falling angels – still vivid in your mind

Malediction – the curse of an endless agony
Malediction – dark ritual of ecstasy

Silence fills the emptiness inside
Seeping through your every pore
Burning thoughts from deep inside your mind
Bloody hooks of self-deceit

Liquid darkness from beyond
Madness tearing at your soul
Writhing tentacles of blackened spheres
Nauseating presence fills the air

Hear the screaming of the gods
Final throes of agony unleashed
Pantheons of souls dethroned
In oblivion they will exist

Dark empty rooms, devoid of life
A godly presence, still lingering in the air
Dwell the halls of the forgotten
Dethroned by mankind and fallen to the ground

Fallen to the ground…to the ground…

(Solo: Alex)

Moldy statues guard the gates
Of a palace with so many names
As the decadence of this world below
Brought it to its solitary desolation

Solitary desolation…

(Solo: Dan)

Open the burial chamber
Ashes blowing in the wind
Burnt wings of fallen angels
Feathers scattered on the ground
The air is on fire with burning corpses
Scattering among the cinders
…and ashes of a world long-dead

Seas rise engulfing the land in their watery grave
The bark of the tree of life is black and burned

Damnation…total cremation…
Track Name: Halls of Judgement
Embrace the end

Bludgeoning screams
Of infected spirits
Searching for meaning
They make their way through the black

In velvet darkness, they will arise

Kill them all – final dissolution
Torture them – a logical conclusion

Corrupted intellect
Of tormented spirits
Twists the time and space of existence
That governs this barren land

Rotting away
To nothingness unveiled
Raped in darkness
Only emptiness therein

Crawling, maggots, under your skin
Burning, feeding; bloodlust within

Dark shapes are looming
Behind a funeral veil
Beyond the halls of Hypnos
Oblivion prevails

(Solo: Dan)

In the spheres of these Halls of Judgment you were born
Feeding in the wastelands of this world forlorn

(Solo: Alex)

Stripped of the flesh
In angst-ridden swoon
Seas of molten chaos
The cycle will resume

Enter the cold room of death
An empty crevice in the depths
Step up to the edge where the infinite multitude
Belching a sulphurous welcome home

Halls of Judgment
Burn my eyes
Halls of Judgment
Watch me bleed

Awaken from deep slumber
To seek the path beyond the portals of the dead
You have slept for too long
The world has ended swiftly…

…or has it never been created?

No warmth…no womb…
No substance…no flesh…
Spirits infested with disease
No pain…no life…
No matter…no meaning…no end…


Feel the burning angels scream in pain
Fire…inferno…the world is burning
Endless transmigration sought in vain

Choking on your blood
Festering writhe in darkness

May the flesh do thy bidding
Soulless Ones!
Track Name: Coils of Entropy
A scene from a memory
Veiled in darkness
A cold, dead face staring at me
Dead eyes, no features – in agony it screams

Suffering in the crimson halls of eternity
Carved with thousands of faces – lost souls put to stone

A pale shade of existence
In a world where all is dust
From immemorial times
A negative of life

Bleak landscapes under the pouring rain
Silence fills the cracks in walls
Disturbed only by the absence of color
Illimitable gulfs of space swirling
Beyond the portals of this world

Let the flesh burn, sear the skin
Become that cosmic void that only manifests within
The curtains fall apart, ashes on the stage
The act concludes in silence

Stirring in the void…echoes stirring in the void

Broken seats and stench of death
In this deserted monolith of the absurd

A temple of knowledge, a forgotten place
Devoid of space and time

Only broken furniture reminds
Of life that once was born
Out of the chaos of the abyss
To which, in it the end returned
Come take a walk on this spectral street
Where lights are always dim
But don’t you stray into darkness
Where only shadows grin

Take a journey in this empty world
Where only shapeless forms dwell
Behind the velvet of the shroud
Of this pale eternal hell
But don’t you leave the light

There are things awaiting in the night
Beyond the fluorescent glow of the neon light
Cold interstellar winds roar
As distant nebulas flicker menacingly
Beyond this empty sphere

Coils of entropy…

(Solos: Alex – Dan)

Rats scurry in the alleys, gnawing at old bones
Red beady eyes full of hunger, wisdom, sadness

(Solo: Alex)

A skeleton lies twisted in the gutter
Empty sockets staring at the sky
Accusingly, with shame

Come visit this hollow empty shell
Where it always rains
It’s been a while since the thunder spoke
Yet no death by water shall disturb this solitude

Only the shuffling in the walls remains
Take a trip down this lane of the forgotten
There is no life